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The chances of seeing a new blog post are the same as winning the lottery while getting struck by lightning twice on a leap day. If you still come across a post, I promise to make it disappointing.

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Trademarked software branding

Published on 2022-09-17

There is a lot of open source software that has trademark restrictions, and those restrictions give maintainers the freedom to support official builds of their software.

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Maddy: the five-minute mail server

Published on 2022-01-09

I am waiting at the airport this evening, cursing the weather for delaying my flight for so long. I’ve already bumped my packages, so I might as well gush about some software that I adore.

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Respect my damn color scheme preference

Published on 2021-11-08

I recently switched from light themes to dark themes. Dark themes seem to be supported enough that most applications seem to work with them. Many websites don’t, but it’s not the end of the world. Theming is hard and I do not expect developers to support it.

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Diversity in git hosting

Published on 2021-11-04

I recently ran a quick & dirty scan of the packages on my laptop to figure out where their git repositories are hosted. The full log of it is here, if anyone is interested.

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Time rant

Published on 2021-05-02

Bob wants to talk to a group of people who live in different areas. What time standard should Bob use to schedule the call? How about Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)? It is the internationally agreed upon standard for world time, so Bob should be able to use it, right?

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Gentoo overlays for noobs

Published on 2021-03-29

In Gentoo, packages are stored in ebuild repositories. The primary repository is the Gentoo repository, and users can add secondary repositories (overlays) on top of it. All you need to make an overlay of your own is a text editor.

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Regarding git hosting

Published on 2020-08-27

When it comes to online services, many people look past simple solutions and jump to the large pieces of software and complicated solutions. One case of this which I see on a regular basis is git hosting, and I don’t think that most people understand how simple it is to host git repositories.

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Published on 2020-07-11

Once upon a time, shutterbug2000 discovered nds-constrain’t: a bug in Nintendo’s NTR SSL library that allowed it’s connections to be easily intercepted. This made it possible to connect to alternative online services without ROM patching.

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