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Diversity in git hosting

Published on 2021-11-04 by flewkey

I recently ran a quick & dirty1 scan of the packages on my laptop to figure out where their git repositories are hosted. The full log of it is here, if anyone is interested.

Going into this, I expected GitHub to be host 80% of the packages, GitLab to host 10% of the packages, and other sites to host the remaining 10%.

I was correct about GitHub. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that more packages lived on project-specific hosts than I'd thought. Conversely, GitLab turned out to be smaller than I'd thought.

I might try to get more accurate results in the future by including more packages.

Top 10 git hosts 1769 (81.26%) 76 (3.49%) 36 (1.65%) 31 (1.42%) 24 (1.10%) 20 (0.92%) 16 (0.73%) 15 (0.69%) 14 (0.64%) 11 (0.51%)

  1. Because most packages don't seem to include an EGIT_REPO_URI, my script could only check 10% of them 

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