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Respect my damn color scheme preference

Published on 2021-11-08 by flewkey

I recently switched from light themes to dark themes. Dark themes seem to be supported enough that most applications seem to work with them. Many websites don’t, but it’s not the end of the world. Theming is hard and I do not expect developers to support it.

However, I find it inexcusable and frustrating when a website already has a dark theme, but ignores the user’s preferences. Especially if they have a stupid little theme selector that writes to a value in localStorage or something.

That’s not how you do that!

If you must use JavaScript to set your themes, consider taking your user’s color scheme preference into consideration when choosing which theme to default to. We will be grateful.

if (window.matchMedia("(prefers-color-scheme: dark)").matches)
	/* Set theme */

Even better, you can just use a media query like a normal person. If you need to override it with JavaScript later, you can do that.

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